Test series serve as an important self-assessment tool for all who aim at cracking the UPSC exam successfully and join the Civil Services. Thus, it is only advisable to realize the importance of test series for the UPSC exam in time. The sooner a candidate begins to assess himself by means of the test series for UPSC exam, the better is the scope for him not only to prepare well for the exam but also to beat the competition when UPSC announces the results.

It is so because once you begin to assess yourself by means of the test series for UPSC exam, you get to know both your strengths as well as weaknesses. The sooner you get to know both your pluses and minuses, the better it is. Thus the assessment by means of the test series for UPSC exam gives you a fair share of idea concerning all those aspects of the preparation for UPSC exam where you need to focus more as you would definitely like to work more on the topics and/or the subjects where you are lacking. Also, when anybody talks of assessing himself, he clearly thinks in terms of optimizing his strengths as well and enhancing them to the greatest extent possible.

Why IAS Test Series

Another important role played by the test series for UPSC exam comprises to letting the UPSC aspirant realize his weaknesses. It should never be forgotten that no candidate aspiring to crack an exam can afford to overlook his weaknesses. And it holds highly true for the UPSC aspirants as well.

Cracking the UPSC exam is not easy in the first place itself. The UPSC syllabus is quite vast. Besides, apart from cracking the exam successfully, the candidate is to compete well with all the competitors.

Thus a UPSC aspirant has not only to crack the exam but also score well. It is only with a score higher than others that he can rank above others and be allowed by UPSC to opt for the cadre of his choice. Most of the UPSC aspirants aim at joining IAS

So, when you have to compete, you must be better than all the competitors. You have to strengthen all your strengths further in the best possible manner. Also, you are to minimize all your weaknesses.

And that is what makes a UPSC aspirant realize the importance of the test series for UPSC exam. The test series for UPSC exam should be answered by the UPSC candidate as frequently as possible.

Why should the UPSC aspirant attempt the test series for UPSC exam as frequently as possible?

Though there are a number of competitive exams other than UPSC exam, it is the UPSC exam which is considered the toughest of all. Though people face and crack the exam for PSC, SSC, CAT etc., not only successfully and score well, it is the topper of the UPSC exam who is almost revered with such respect which is still unmatched when it is compared with the social attitude towards the topper of any other competitive exam.

It obviously implies that the Civil Services (specifically the Indian Administrative Services) are the most sought after. And that makes the competition the toughest possible. Moreover, the competition is getting even tougher year after year. And that is why; the high rankers in the UPSC exam get a highly respectable position in society. People often look up to a Civil Servant, specifically an IAS officer with great respect.

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