Writing is an art that some inherit and others few acquire. Writing essay or mains exam for UPSC is not an unlimited reserve that remains with you forever but it is an art that matures with practise.

This practise is aptly being practised in certain areas in India. Being an advocate, I visited the nearby police station yesterday. I overheard something amusing.

There was a victim to report crime to the sub-inspector. The sub-inspector asked him ” where were you when your phone was snatched?” to which the man replied ” I got recently married. I have a beautiful wife and I love her a lot. It was the phone gifted to me by my wife. I was talking to her on call when the incident happened. I am pained that…..” and so he went.

The sub-inspector interrupted and repeated the question ” Where were you when the phone was snatched?” to which the man replied ” I started from home in the morning. I was on the left side of the road and I was speaking to my wife on call. My phone had important records in it and some intimate pictures of me and my wife and…..” and so he went.

Ah!! How aptly it defines the life of a frustrated common Indian who needs a little nudge to vent out his angst and misery. Be it any mode of communication; reading, writing or speaking and be it any reason; reporting a crime, texting your bae or scribbling in your semester exams. But is this how the “reserve” matures (venting out where it is not needed/not demanded) or does it grow with establishing the understanding of the circumstances, the demand of the question and then elaborating to the point?

I don’t know about other exams and situations but the UPSC demands a straight approach in answering the questions. What matters is the quality and not the length of the answer. The DIRECTIVES guide you to understand the demand of the question like the “where”, “what” and “why” helps you communicate in daily life.

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